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Kinnelon Youth Football Players Get New Uniforms

Kids will have personalized home and away jerseys for the upcoming season.

The Kinnelon youth football program took the first step towards the upcoming season Monday evening as kids headed over to the Kinnelon Municipal Building to get their equipment and uniforms, which, this season, include personalized home and away jerseys.

“What we've instituted this year was a personalized jersey program,” Coach Andy SanFilippo said. “Every kid is going to get a home and away jersey with their name on it and with the numbers that they chose.”

Thanks to fundraising from the program over the past two years, the kids also received top-of-the-line Wilson X shoulder pads and Xenith helmets to help keep them safe througout the season.

Even with practice starting on Aug. 13, SanFilippo said that the Kinnelon program is still getting bigger.

“We’re growing everyday,” he said. “We’ve got more and more kids signing up, so it should be good.”


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