April Horoscopes

Diamond is the birthstone of those born in this month.

Wishing everyone a very happy Easter shared with family and friends!

April Birth Stone: Diamond. Birthstone Color: White, Clear

Diamonds have been one of the most sought after gems throughout history. Used to embellish such items as crowns, swords and emblems as well as jewelry, they've even been part of national holidays, such as the Diamond Jubilee. It is a staple in engagement rings which connotes everlasting love because of the density of the gem.  It is hard to scratch and it lasts forever. Diamonds are simply crystallized carbon.  Volcanic activity from centuries before brought these gemstones to the earth's surface, where they are found either within volcanic rock formations or washed out into rivers.  Mining of the first diamonds is thought to be in India, but today these gemstones are found in Australia, the Soviet Union, and Africa. In the 16th century, gemstones were cut and polished to perfection. This is when their true value was realized. Today, the value and appeal of this stone depends largely upon how expertly it is cut and faceted. A gift of a diamond is symbolic of everlasting love and that is why it is the accepted gem for engagement or anniversary rings.  

Planets in the morning sky: Mercury and Saturn through the 15th.

Planets in the night sky: Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn from the 15th.

Retrogrades Mercury goes Direct on the 4th, Mars goes Direct on the 14th, Saturn all month and Pluto goes Rx on the 11th. The sun will go into Taurus on April 19.

ARIES - March 20 – April 18: Attention to detail at work will help minimize mistakes. You seem to be overwhelmed in many areas of life but it is important that your career be a place where you feel confident and assured.  Learning how to deal with office politics is another thing, but all in all, work life is going in a positive direction. Other areas of life may be confusing -- possibly with friends or how you actually view your contribution to the family and/or work.  This is no time for lack of confidence about your abilities and attributes.  You may want to change yourself in some way, perhaps with a makeover, new haircut or hair color, or a new wardrobe.  Any of these changes will be positive, but are not absolutely needed. You are very stylish and know how to dress – but you may wish a little change of styles and looks. Friendships seem to change and you may be upset by the loss of some friends that you thought were life-long buddies.  Remember, people are in your life only until you learn all that you were supposed to learn from them, so perhaps it is time that some of your friends and you go towards onto different paths. Paths do cross from time to time, but be ready to meet other interesting individuals who will become as important to you as other close friends in your life.

TAURUS - April 19 – May 19: You are in the middle of many good opportunities about to come to fruition.  Make sure you know what you want so that the universe will guide those energies to you.  Good luck and happiness is right around the corner and romance seems to be waiting in the wings.  Friends may ask if they can set you up on blind dates and, although it is up to you whether you accept this arrangement or not, remember that they have your best interest at heart.  It also seems that they may be the ones who actually help you meet the one you will fall head over heels in love with.  On another note, you may also join groups or organizations predominantly made up of women.  Philosophical, metaphysical or esoteric groups seem the perfect choice. You are looking for answers to many questions and are seeking all avenues and paths to get the answers you need to make sense of your life.  Calm down and rest a bit now as you have been doing too much and you need to unwind, meditate, and reflect. You also need to hone your skills in the art of stress reduction for a healthy mind and body.

GEMINI - May 20 – June 19: Thinking about your life and what you have accomplished seems to be on your mind this month.  You may remember negative situations from childhood, which were never reconciled and perhaps you can now make sense of those experiences now. You are also trying to figure out in which direction you must go. There are many decisions that need to be made and there are pros and cons to all of them. Empower yourself by releasing procrastination and indecision.  There is so much to be done on a positive note that you must really forge ahead and do what needs to be done.  Fear is the only thing that will keep you from accomplishing great things and if you do make a mistake, what’s the worst that could happen?  You fix it and move on.  Emotions are somewhat protected and hidden at the same time.  You don’t want others to know how sensitive you are and you are putting up a convincing facade of confidence and self-assurance.  Talk to a trusted family member or friend about your concerns or fears in life.  Sometimes talking about your concerns puts them in perspective. You are getting more stable, secure and grounded, so if you continue on this path, your life will be amazing.

CANCER - June 20 – July 21: Change is on the horizon, but are you ready for it? You need to concentrate on which changes would be in your best interest and then follow through with them. Partnerships may need your attention so handle a priority issue before jumping to another one.  You just cannot overlook these issues any longer.  Something has to be done.  Will you look for another personal/business partner or will you deal with the issues within this relationship before it gets worse. You are very adept at handling people in a kind and loving way and this time is no different.  Romantic partnerships may make you feel as if you are restricted, limited and slowly drowning in a sea of emotion.  It is very important to learn from these experiences.  If you don’t come away from any experience with a better understanding of who you are and why you have made particular choices, then you may have to re-evaluate how you look at yourself and your life.  Are you doing what is best for all involved, including yourself?

LEO - July 22 – Aug. 21: Family issues are being resolved and talked over. It is wonderful when family listens to one another, so be there if others need you (as an arbitrator or just a shoulder to lean on), but it seems as if things are finally going in the right direction.  Circumstances tremendously improve in all areas of life – aren’t you lucky? Harmony, peace, love and compassion come into your life towards your friends and family.  You feel more connected to them than in the past and things seem to make you feel as if life is good.  All the changes that need to be made have already started, so enjoy the ride.  Career is going well, but don’t be surprised if there are some unexpected changes in this area of life as well. Using your intelligence and reasoning abilities will be most helpful to get you through any uncomfortable situations.  Not everything is personal – sometimes, it IS just business.  Emotionally, you are very confident and not as sensitive as in the past. You are also setting some healthy boundaries so that others don’t usurp all of your energy – good for you!

VIRGO - Aug. 22 – Sept. 21: There is a lot of inaction in the home but somehow you are still running around like a chicken without its head.  You find yourself with good intentions to accomplish many things, but situations confuse you and then you don’t accomplish what you wanted to.  The energy is more like a see-saw going up and down until you get so exhausted that you can’t do anything.  At times, you may be your own worst enemy because you seem to sabotage all the wonderful things you want to do because of fear and indecision. Negativity is being attracted to you, so it is your job to push it away. You need to start bringing in positive energy which will attract more positive opportunities and results in your life.  Even if things do not go your way at first, the old adage, “Try, try again,” is important to remember.  Use your analytical ability to figure out which steps you need to take first and then try to follow through.  Any artistic or creative project will bring you much joy. There is so much fun to be had if you allow yourself a break in your rigorous routine.  A nice walk around the neighborhood, catching up on your pile of magazines to be read or watching one of your favorite TV shows would be a good start to help you relax and unwind.

LIBRA - Sept. 22 – Oct. 21: This is a month of many decisions and turning points in your life.  Would it be in your best interest to stay in that relationship or start a new one?  Should you get married or move in together? How about another job?  Do you want to do something else?  So many questions seem to pop up now and there is a feeling of being controlled and limited in everything you go, so many of your decisions go unresolved. There is grounding and centering energy all around you if you call upon them to help you focus and organize your life.  It is easy to know what you need in your life – just see what you feel is missing and then ask the universe to help you manifest that ambition, goal or dream.  You should be thinking clearly, but perhaps your problem is that you are thinking too much about everything – way too much that you are confusing yourself.  Try to rely on close friends and family members to help you make important decisions.  As you know, you may not be the best one to make definite decisions in a timely manner and they’ll be happy to help.  However, you must be prepared to listen to others’ opinions.  If you can do this, then your life will be turning into a very positive one in which you are happy, healthy, in love and have everything that you need.

SCORPIO - Oct. 22 – Nov. 20: Romantic issues seem to improve if you give them a chance.  Friendships and groups you belong to (or want to belong to) make big strides in networking and marketing opportunities.  You would be wise to avail yourself to all the expertise your friends, groups and organizations have to offer.  This is a remarkable time for you to get into artistic or creative pursuits or hobbies because your potential for success is very high.  Have you had a project or idea on the back burner for a long time?  This is the time to dust off the cobwebs and continue where you left off.  You can accomplish anything you put your mind to, so why not put new energy into your projects or goals today? Many opportunities for higher education, lectures, seminars, workshops, certification courses or training will be available to you if you want them.  You may also be thinking of a vacation or getaway so go ahead and make those plans. Everything will fall into place nicely.  This is a very good time to rekindle old relationships and to start making new friends.  Going out with friends or hosting a party will be a nice way of finding out more about people and why you were attracted to them in the first place.  Impromptu parties or get-togethers bring in so much fun, warmth and good conversation that you will wonder why you didn’t do it before.

SAGITTARIUS - Nov. 21 – Dec. 20: Good luck and better health are in the stars.  You seem to handle your health with a more responsible attitude.  Yes, diets stink and weight loss takes a long time, but if you commit to doing a little each day, you will be amazed at the result. Exercise may not be all that you had hoped, but everything worth having takes time and patience.  You can walk around the block with your dog, jog, and discover a new scenic route with a friend you would like to catch up with. These are just two examples of health improvements that can develop your health both mentally and physically.  You can learn to eat more healthily, perhaps looking into organic foods or a vegetarian diet.  If this sounds ridiculous to you, you can always just moderate your caloric intake and be careful with the desserts.  Otherwise, this is a great time to start volunteering your time and energy into something that you feel is important. There are so many possibilities, but you should find a cause or group that tugs at your heart strings – perhaps a local animal shelter that needs dogs walked or cats fed.  It can be volunteering at a local hospital or nursing home.  Whatever you feel would work for you would be a good start.  You can also volunteer at a local library to teach the elderly how to use the internet or to give a free lecture or two in your areas of expertise.  Travel is also on your mind, so get those travel brochures, make your plans and be ready to have fun.

CAPRICORN - Dec. 21 – Jan. 19: Personal and business partnerships need to be looked at many different perspectives. Are you happy with the way things are going?  Some changes may need to be made to make both partners happy and satisfied in all aspects of the relationship.  This is a time where your life will be pushed and shoved in different directions until you finally make a stand and decide what you will fight for.  This is also a time when you feel as if the earth beneath your feet is crumbling and that you have to hang on to something or someone in order to get through the turmoil.  A trusted person is waiting for you to reach out to them for assistance.  He/she would like to thank you for all of the help and encouragement you have given him/her during the course of your friendship. Career is very dynamic and interesting.  It has the potential to go into many positive new directions with many outstanding opportunities for growth, prosperity and feeling a sense of accomplishment. Creativity is the key to being successful.  Do not look at the circumstances or issues like the rest of the world or you will get the same tedious results.  Look at results from a fresh point of view and others will be very happy to follow your lead.

AQUARIUS - Jan. 20 – Feb. 18: Financial prosperity and security issues come to the surface.  There may be inheritance, income tax or partner income concerns that need to be dealt with – or they did not go the way you had thought they should. Do not concern yourself as everything will easily fall into place with just a little bit of additional attention from you (and those involved).  Friends help you through some tough decisions and also are ready to give you their support and encouragement. Romantic relationships are wonderful with a great deal of potential for long term commitments.  All you have to decide is if you want to go along with it.  If single, this is a great time to meet someone special or that “friend” you are with may turn into a relationship.  Changes within the workplace are stressful but you can handle them.  Just be assured that you can do whatever is required of you, so do not make any quick decisions about leaving before you have looked at all sides of the situation.  If you definitely need to leave, make sure you have another position lined up.  Good jobs are hard to come by so don’t cut off your nose to spite your face!  Relaxation, rest and a bit of fun will help you unwind and see things with rose colored glasses for a change.

PISCES – Feb. 19 – March 19: Your career will feel easier than in the past and it will start to flow in a better direction shortly.  Many positive changes will come into your life, and if you go with the flow, you will be surprised at how easily everything will just fall into place. Your creativity can be amazing if you concentrate and figure out what you want to do. Your course in life may be challenged and life will force you to go in another direction which can be better than your current path. Emotions may play havoc with you as they will be confusing at times and make you doubt things that you thought were true.  However, spiritual teachings and studies will make much more sense now as you find your way down a very important path with happiness, joy and light. Looking into new modalities, taking classes and finding your niche in a spiritual discipline will be important now.  You may wish to chat with others about your desires and dreams only to find that you have much in common with others. Life is funny – when you least expect it, all of your questions and prayers will be answered.

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