Summer Not a Vacation for Tri-Boro Shelter Animals

Separate shelters committed to finding 'forever homes' for cats and dogs.

While many people go on vacation in the summer, it is also the season when there are the most animals in shelters.

"It's a little slow over the summer. People go on vacations and there are less adoptions," Steve Serao, one of the dog managers at Tri-Boro Animal Welfare, said.

Tri-Boro Animal Welfare now serves only the Butler community. The shelter, located at 12 Belleview Avenue, has regular scheduled pet adoptions every Sunday from 1 p.m. to 3 p.m.

With more animals coming in this season, volunteers and residents in the area have been fostering dogs and cats. 

"If it's a choice from being put to sleep or adopted, we'd much rather you foster a dog in your home until a dog has been adopted," Serao said.

Many of the dogs at the shelter have come from the south, from states like North Carolina and Georgia, where shelters no longer have room for them. Even spending time in a foster home can be a new experience for the animal.

"Some of the dogs have never been in a home before and are scared, so it's amazing to give foster dogs a litte extra TLC," Serao said.

Tri-Boro Animal Welfare is fundraising at the , selling 50/50 tickets.

"All the money we get from adoptions goes back to the shelter and we're always looking for new volunteers," said Serao. 

The Kinnelon Volunteer Animal Shelter (KVAS) has been doing well since centralizing their efforts on the Kinnelon community. KVAS, located at 118 Kinnelon Road, has adoption hours on Sundays from 1 p.m.-3 p.m. 

KVAS also has to foster animals at times when the shelter is crowded.

"We keep as many animals as will comfortably fit in the shelter and we foster others at the homes of volunteers," Debbie Shepherd, President of KVAS, said.

Since separating, the Kinnelon operation has been sucessful in placing many animals in homes, Shepherd said.

"Over the last year KVAS has found 'forever homes' for four dogs, 31 cats and two bunnies. We have reunited 15 dogs and two cats with their owners. We work to bring the shyest or most frightened animal out of their shell and they stay with us until that perfect adopter comes along," she said.

KVAS has officially become a 501(c)(3) charity this year. The shelter has also fundraised at community events such as , the Earth Day celebration and the "Spring into Summer" event at the L'Ecole Kinnelon Museum.

"Until there is a home for every animal in need...business will always be brisk," Sheperd said. "It seems that every time KVAS finds a home for one animal, there is another in need of our shelter services."


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