Sue Marinello
Sue Marinello has been a Patch.com contributor since it launched in Montville, NJ in June 2010.  Currently she writes three columns each week for Montville.Patch.com and a weekly column for Triboro.Patch.com. She has also worked for several other NJ Patch sites. Sue is a freelance writer and has been a marketing and public relations consultant for almost 30 years.  She specializes in the promotion of cultural and community organizations and initiatives through special events and educational programs.  Sue is known throughout the state of NJ for her award-winning water conservation education program, EVERY DROP COUNTS.  As a speech writer she has written for many NJ politicians, including Assemblywoman, Carol J. Murphy, formerly of District 26.  Sue was co-creator and coordinator of the Turkey Mountain Square Yard Sale, which saved over 1,200 acres of open space in Montville's Pyramid Mountain Park.  In 2005, Sue was awarded Citizen of the Year by the Montville Chamber of Commerce and again in 2006 at the Lakeland YMCA.    A graduate of NYU's Tisch School of the Arts ('84), Sue has lived in Montville since 1990, when she and her husband, Jim, moved from New York City.  They have two daughters, Katie and Claire.   Sue is proud to report that her daughter, Katie Marinello, is also a Patch.com writer, covering stories throughout NJ and CT. INFO: In addition to weekly columns in Montville.Patch.com, and Triboro.Patch.com, I have also been a contributor to many other area patches and the subject of a Springfield.Patch.com article on water conservation education.  I am passionate about environmental and historic preservation issues, as well as theatre.  I am also a drama coach who specializes in the direction of elementary through high school performers. I particularly feel children possess a passion that can change the world.  To that end, I was a Girl Scout leader for 15 years. In addition to writing, marketing consulting, and special events creation and coordination, I present my award-winning EVERY DROP COUNTS water conservation education program to children throughout New Jersey for schools, towns, and companies like Whole Foods Market.  In Montville my EVERY DROP COUNTS program has been credited with helping to reduce water usage by an average of 174 million gallons of water annually despite a 6.5% increase in population since 2002.  
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